As parents of two wonderful kids we often asked ourselves what to do with the kids if the weather was not very good. Then we were searching the internet for hours in order to find the right thing to do and all we found was very minimalistic information.

After a long search, we finally found interesting things to do with the kids and we decided to make this search more efficient and quicker, sorted in nine categories to browse as you wish.

We are planning in going to become the biggest Kids and Parents adventure and attractions website where you can find everything without searching for hours.

Have Fun with CITY LOVES KIDS!

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Dive right into to the world of wave-pools with huge indoor-and outdoor waterslides, visit the cold ocean while at the pool, or paddle standing up over the waters of Hamburg City. Go water skiing or wakeboarding on the ocean or on a lake arena, rent a boat and explore the water by yourself.


Magic Shows, Musicals, fresh cooked food, pottery, self-created paintings, chocolate is made by hand. The biggest miniature railway attraction in the World in the old city of Hamburg & lots others. Boulder parks and climbing walls inside a ship or outside in the forest. Unique events to see. 


Interesting technical experiences, nature, living beings, Minerals, and events which stimulate all your senses. Your kids want to learn something new, and interesting technical experiences, nature, living beings, Minerals, and events which stimulate all your senses. Many more exciting guided tours. 


Why is a banana bent? From open Air museums to big zoos of all kind, as well as bird and butterfly parks with 10.000 animals including underwater aquariums and tropical animal shows etc. Amazing indoor exhibitions will give your kids a thorough insight into the animal kingdom of the world.


Rollercoasters, thrill rides, magic schows, musicals of all kind, the smell of cotton candy , 5 D Adventures, Music Shows, Cabarets,  will let you dive in into the world of Amusement parks in Germany or close to Germany. How about  a rollercoaster Challenge? 


From Kids car to Go-kart with or without Drivers license, we have it all. We show you where you can celebrate your birthday, if you are a kid or a little bigger and more mature. Pure Adventure. Kinder- garden trips or school excursions. Laser tag or escape rooms are waiting for you to manage.

Food Kids

Dining with kids is always a challenge. Highchairs, Games room, Baby Changing tables. Salad, Vegetables and fresh fruit, Ice cream, French fries. Good Appetite! Food for Parents! Gives parents a chance to relax while their kids are playing in the sun or indoors. Here, your kids are welcome!

Big Kids 16 / 18+

You don’t need a drivers’ license for all events. If you just becoming 16 years old today or you are already 18 Years old, or a parent it does not matter we certainly have something for you. Company parties, Christmas parties, teambuilding events, birthday parties for Adults, weddings etc.


Not all things you can do with your kids and family cost money. A Spectacular Water fountain lightshow in Hamburgs’ Park Planten un Bloomen all summer long in the evening. Or visit all botanical gardens which are free of charge and many more places where you can go with the kids for free.